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Some more news here. If you encounter something that does not "work", let me know!


updated May 18, 2017

What's new?

  1. Rewritten code from scratch to be responsive and mobile friendly
  2. New Audio player (uses Javascript + HTML5 / Flash on older devices), it should work almost anywhere (make sure you are not blocking HTML5 or Flash ;-) You can also Download mp3 files directly in player by clicking on "audio note" icon in playlist.
  3. Download directories made more mobile friendly
  4. Corrected some misspellings
  5. Let's Encrypt SSL certificate - you can now use HTTPS
  6. Sharing over 40GB of resources
  7. New - direct link to download mp3 files on every "media" page cotaining mp3's (find it at the bottom of  page, no need to search for it in Downloads anymore ;-)
  8. New - adding ultra low quality (uLQ) for some important resources (Dan Mohler KLS 2010 & HCSKL 2011 for now) save even more data/space (half the size of LQ), note - this quailty is not suitable for listening with headphones ;-)

Please do NOT share links directly to mp3 files, they can change any moment, instead share desired "Media" page, where there is a download link at the bottom ;)


It's still "work in progress" for now, but If you encounter any problems, contact me. First: try to refresh (F5) page several times to see if it gets solved. (Ctrl + F5 for Internet Explorer)

Describe what Device / Operating System / Browser are you using and what is problem you are encountering. You can also send ideas for improvements etc...

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