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Updated February 17, 2021

Update (February 2021)

  • New Website and new Domain. English part of this website was moved to There are not going to be any more updates here.

Update (March 2018)

  • I've been rethinking a lot of things lately and I realized that I kind of lost my initial vision. The purpose was never to feed people with many different teachings, but to create place, where they can find what really matters.Of course you can get encouraged and receive something from anything, but there is no other way. The main purpose of this website always was that people can find "Dan Mohler" - not some special person, but an example, what we were created for and what God is able to do in our lives - how He can transform us if we yield to the truth and what life can we live here. Because honestly - there is nothing else that is an answer for your life. That's why I removed some resources and I will be picky about adding new things :-)

Update (February 2018)

  • YouTube New Creation English dedicated channel launched (with recent Dan Mohler videos), launch announcement video + info about coming changes
  • I'm going to move this English section of my website to more relevant domain for English speaking ppl -
  • I plan to make multilingual website, so as many people as possible can get to this precious resources. If you translate preferably Dan Mohler or other ppl that are here and you would be interested in making these resources widely available or participate, please contact me. I can help you with media processing and various things.

Update (January 2018)

  • I need to upgrade server this website is running on, it's going to happen February 1st, 2018. Website will be offline or sometimes working/not working because of this. If nothing goes wrong it should be done within one day.
  • There is a lot of resources already, I plan to trim it down, to leave just really important things.
  • I don't plan to update Curry Blake (JGLM), Torben Søndergaard (The Last Reformation) and some others anymore, there is already plenty of stuff and If you really want to grow more, go for Dan Mohler.

Update (December 2017)

  • I didn't have much time to process and add new media files for some time now. I do have new teachings from Dan Mohler and others, but most of them require significant amount of time to fix and process.
  • I reconsidered the ultra low bitrate mp3, I won't do more of them, instead I'll make Opus encoded files, which will be smaller and much better quality in the future.
  •  Upcoming New Creation YouTube English only channel so that my English uploads don't mess up my Czech channel and allow me to upload a lot more.

Major site updates (January - July 2017)

  1. Rewritten code from scratch to be responsive and mobile friendly
  2. New Audio player (uses Javascript + HTML5 / Flash on older devices), it should work almost anywhere (make sure you are not blocking HTML5 or Flash ;-) You can also Download mp3 files directly in player by clicking on "audio note" icon in playlist.
  3. Download directories made more mobile friendly
  4. Corrected some misspellings
  5. Let's Encrypt SSL certificate - you can now use HTTPS
  6. Sharing over 40GB of resources
  7. New - direct link to download mp3 files on every "media" page cotaining mp3's (find it at the bottom of  page, no need to search for it in Downloads anymore ;-)
  8. New - adding ultra low quality (uLQ) for some important resources (Dan Mohler KLS 2010 & HCSKL 2011 for now) save even more data/space (half the size of LQ), note - this quailty is not suitable for listening with headphones ;-)

Please do NOT share links directly to mp3 files, they can change any moment, instead share desired "Media" page, where there is a download link at the bottom ;)


It's still "work in progress" for now, but If you encounter any problems, contact me. First: try to refresh (F5) page several times to see if it gets solved. (Ctrl + F5 for Internet Explorer)

Describe what Device / Operating System / Browser are you using and what is problem you are encountering. You can also send ideas for improvements etc...

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