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Andrew Wommack - download mp3 audio

updated May 23, 2017

You can download mp3 audio files from Andrew Wommack Ministries here. Gathered from Youtube and web.

You can also listen to the audio/video files in Media section. You can get more from official Andrew Wommack Ministries website.

Click on file folders bellow to get mp3 files. The 32k, 48k means available audio quality.

folder Andrew Wommack - Knowing God - 2008
folder 32k (5 files, 77.53 MB)
folder 48k (5 files, 116.61 MB)
folder Andrew Wommack - Youve Already Got It - Phoenix 2013
folder 32k (5 files, 100.93 MB)
folder 48k (5 files, 151.40 MB)
folder Andrew Wommack - A Better Way To Pray - Chicago 2009
folder 32k (5 files, 69.88 MB)
folder 48k (5 files, 104.81 MB)
folder Andrew Wommack - Dweling In Gods Presence - GTS 2015
folder 48k (7 files, 147.96 MB)
folder 32k (7 files, 98.64 MB)
folder 16k (7 files, 49.33 MB)
folder Andrew Wommack - The True Nature of God - Atlanta 2013
folder 32k (5 files, 102.30 MB)
folder 48k (5 files, 153.45 MB)
folder 16k (5 files, 51.15 MB)

Audio quality: 48k = 48kbit, 32khz (good); mp3 or 32k = 32kbit, 22khz (worse), lower file size; 16k - worst, smallest files

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