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Todd White - Lifestyle Christianity - download mp3 audio

updated January 18, 2017

You can download mp3 audio files of Todd White speaking at various places here. Gathered/made from various sources (Youtube). Most valuable download is probably Represent Conference - 2015. There are also Todd White's sessions from Power & Love conferences here. Note: Old teachings are not recommended, Todd has done some growing since then ;)

You can also listen to the most of audio/video files in Media section.

Update - since Todd White's ministry has now launched it's own podcast (available on iTunes and for Android), I will not make any more mp3 files - there are already plenty of them and if you desire to grow more, go listen to Dan Mohler, Todd's "spiritual father".

Click on file folders bellow to get mp3 files. The 32k, 48k means available audio quality.

folder Old teachings (28 files, 775.63 MB)
folder Todd White - Seek First Conference - 2012
folder 32k (5 files, 111.76 MB)
folder 48k (5 files, 167.63 MB)
folder Todd White - Power and Identity II - 2013
folder 32k (7 files, 164.33 MB)
folder 48k (7 files, 246.48 MB)
folder Todd White - Represent Conference 2014
folder 32k (3 files, 72.93 MB)
folder 48k (3 files, 109.40 MB)
folder Todd White - Represent Conference 2015
folder 32k (4 files, 85.54 MB)
folder 48k (4 files, 128.31 MB)
folder Todd White - 2014 - 2015 - Mix
folder 32k (28 files, 552.96 MB)
folder 48k (28 files, 829.42 MB)
folder Todd White - 2015 - 2016 - Mix
folder 32k (8 files, 152.03 MB)
folder 48k (8 files, 228.04 MB)

Audio quality: 48k = 48kbit, 32khz (good); mp3 or 32k = 32kbit, 22khz (worse), lower file size; 16k - worst, smallest files

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