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Updated January 18, 2017

Neck Ministries - Dan Mohler

Neck Ministries - homepage

Info, teachings, callendar

Neck Ministries - old website

Older teachings for download

1st Kingdom Living School 2010

This class was Dan's first 13-week Kingdom Living School class held late in 2010.

Harvest Chapel School of Kingdom Living 2011

Harvest Chapel School of Kingdom Living 2011 was a 51 day truth intensive school with Dan Mohler.

Independent Youtube Channel

Many short videos - Dan Mohler, Todd White

Lifestyle Christianity - Todd White

Lifestyle Christianity - homepage

Info, callendar, contact

Youtube - Todd White channel

Lifestyle Christianity - Todd White - official youtube channel.

Youtube - Todd White video archive

This Youtube channel is dedicated to all videos pertaining to Neck ministries and Todd White.

John G. Lake Ministries - JGLM - Curry Blake

JGLM - homepage

Info, history, F&Q, contact

JGLM - youtube

Official John G. Lake Ministries Youtube channel - many recorded events.

Power and Love Ministries

Power and Love - homepage

Info, schedule, testimonies, media, contact

Power and Love - free school

Watch Free School of Power and Love.

Power and Love - youtube channel

Many short videos from Power and Love school sessions.

The Last Reformation - Torben Søndergaard

The Last Reformation - homepage

Info, resources, callendar, contact ...

The Pioneer School

The Free Online Blible School

The Last Reformation - youtube channel

The Pioneer School, testimonies, miracles

Freedom Ministries - David Hogan

Freedom Ministries - official homepage

Info, testimonies, contact ...

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