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Introduction to Dan Mohler

Updated February 17, 2021

Who is Dan Mohler? Why listen to him?

Dan Mohler doesn't have computer nor theological education nor famous ministry. He hasn't written any books and he doesn't sell anything..., but he knows God, walks with God and has real intimate relationship with Him.

Watch videos below and watch them closely, you may not get it at the first time, but this guy is living the life you want to - If your desire is for God. He may seem a bit weird, because he's totally in love with Jesus and it totally changed his life and life of many thousands of people who met him - who met with reality of God in his life and transformation He's done in him because of what Dan believes. Dan has unique revelation of the "big picture", Love, redemption and he lives supernatural life in intimate relationship with the Father everyday. Watch and see that Dan Mohler is for real!

The point is, that you can live such life too ;-) Be humble and be patient, there is real depth in it, don't miss it. This is just few chosen videos as advertisement, if you want more, check out Dan Mohler's Power & Love sessions and ultimately School of Kingdom Living.

So again why listen to Dan Mohler?

  • If you long for God being real in your life and through your life
  • If you long to really know God and to know Him as your Father and have true intimate relationship with Him, not just know something about Him
  • If you would like to see your life transformed and you are aware, that you trying more is not the way
  • If you would like to understand, why are you here, what's going on here, and what does it mean to be Christian
  • If you have longing in your spirit that there is just more than you know and see and live :-)

It smells like you exalt some man to me!

No way man! :-) Just watch and see for yourself, that it's not exalting any man, but God only and what He can do when someone completely surrendered his life and pursue Him ;-)

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